Sadly, many of the sites that I wrote these articles for have closed down. I am trying to recover the information. In the meantime, the links with asterisks are open.

Daffodils for Beginners

Top Ten Daffodils for the Longest Blooming Season

Best Daffodils for your Region

Gardening 101: Three foolproof bulbs to plant in the fall

Daffodil Varieties 

*Narcissus 'Misty Glen' takes home the Wister Award

How do I love thee? [Barrett Browning]

Sweetness and light [Sweetness]

Dreamy daffodil [Dreamlight]

A daffodil with a halo [Intrigue]

A daffodil to send you into orbit [Stratosphere]

Do you like orange in your daffodils? [Falconet]

*A passion for Narcissus 'Passionale'

Daffodil  Shows 

*Daffodil Daydreams at Filoli 2012

Daffodils return to Filoli 2012

Unusual green daffodils at the national show

World's largest show of miniature daffodils

Daffodil Days at Filoli 2011

California shows 2011

Daffodil Blogoramas (annual round-up of special posts from around the world)

*Daffodil Blogorama 2012

*Announcing the Daffodil Blogorama winners!

*Daffodil Blogorama 2011

*Daffodil Blogorama 2010

Daffodil Societies

*Time to get narcissistic