Sunday, May 15, 2011

Announcing the Daffodil Blogorama winners!

Photo: ori2uru

Daffodil season may be over, but five lucky readers will have daffodil note cubes to cheer them through the rest of the year. Perfect for jotting down bulb orders!

The blind, random selection yielded the names of Claire, plaisanter, Angela, Jan and Kathy.

I will send the names to First Daffodils 2011, our generous prize donor, and she will ship the prizes. If you didn't win, you can still order your own note cubes at her site.

Why so long for this announcement? I was hither and yon, at flower shows, and then entranced by my own daffodil season. The last bloom was poeticus Narcissus 'Actaea'. What was yours?

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daffodil Blogorama 2011

Narcissus Nirvana returns, with the second annual Daffodil Blogorama (a round-up of blog posts about daffodils) and a daffodil notecube giveaway from First Daffodils 2011.

First, the giveaway

The daffodil notecube giveaway is courtesy of First Daffodils 2011 -- a photo blog that chronicles daffodils coming up all over the world each spring.

The blogger makes daffodil note cubes with William Wordsworth's poem on the sides, and she is kindly donating five note cubes as prizes, one each for five lucky readers.

Enter by going to the First Daffodils 2011 site and looking at the photos. Then return here and leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Tell me which photo you like best and why. If you have trouble leaving a comment here, you can also enter with a comment on my Facebook Wall

Five winners will be randomly chosen from the comments. Contest closes April 8 at midnight PDT. The giveaway is open to anyone in the world with postal delivery.

The daffodil note cubes are reasonably priced and make perfect gifts for daff-loving friends. And Mother's Day. Just saying. You can purchase the note cubes via a link at the First Daffodils site.

News from the annual meeting of the American Daffodil Society

Skilled photographer and award-winning daffodil grower Kirby Fong generously agreed to share photos from the annual show, held last week in Jackson, Missippi. Many thanks, Kirby!

Gold Ribbon for the best standard daffodil in the show. 'Angel Face' 3W-YYO
exhibited by Steve Hampson.

White Ribbon is for the best set of three standard daffodils. The winner was 'Loch Lundie' 2Y-O from a collection of twelve sets of three. Our photographer, Kirby Fong, was the exhibitor.

Bender Award for the best standard daffodil hybridized by the exhibitor. This "challenge class" is one of the few that accepts flowers grown in glass houses instead of outdoors. The winner was seedling 04-214 6W-W exhibited by Larry Force.

Daffodil Blogorama

The Daffodil Blogorama tour begins in California and moves East around the globe. Click on the name of the blog to see a daffodil story:

* Sue Langley profiles 'Ice Wings' in her Sierra Foothill Garden.

* I'm on the red carpet at Daffodil Planter with 'Misty Glen' as she wins the Wister Award.

* Claire Splan at An Alameda Garden explains how to propagate daffodil bulbs by scaling.

* Jayne Locas and the Paradise Garden Club planted 90,000 daffodils. See their photos at Daffodils Across the Ridge and scroll down that site to read Jayne's inspiring story "To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow."

* Mississippi blogger Gail at Yardflower celebrates her late narcissi.

* Frances from Fairegarden in Tennessee offers a controversial technique for dividing daffodils.

* The Canadian sister act: Helen and Sarah of Toronto Gardens report on the daffodil's role as a symbol for the Canadian Cancer Society.

* Tyla reveals the true story of 'King Alfred' at All About Daffodils in Alabama.

* Trailblazing garden blogger, Kathy Purdy of Cold Climate Gardening in upstate New York, has stories about her heirloom narcissus.

*Kathy Jentz, editor and publisher of Washington Gardener magazine, showcases early daffodils (including 'Katie Heath') at Washington Gardener.

* Maryland flower photographer Patty Hankins at Beautiful Flower Pictures shows a group of tazetta narcissus photos.

* Janet is The Queen of Seaford in South Carolina, where she's planting a new garden with daffodils.

* Mary "Moosey" is in a category all her own. A pioneer in garden blogging, she was sharing online stories from Moosey's Country Garden in New Zealand before the word blog was invented. She posts about recycling unwanted daffodils from other gardens. Will she be able to resist buying bulbs? Find out.

Thanks to all the bloggers for sharing their work!

Ready to experience your first daffodil show?

There are shows going on all over the country this spring.

Plan to visit Baltimore for the 2012 national show. Daffodil questions? Check the American Daffodil Society website for answers. For the ultimate in daffodil fun and information, join the American Daffodil Society and a daffodil society near you.

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