Monday, March 8, 2010

Daffodil Blogorama 2010

Narcissus Nirvana is here with a Daffodil Blogorama (a round-up of blog posts about daffodils) and the annual meeting of the American Daffodil Society.

Drive to the Northern California Gold Country this weekend for the FREE show at the National Convention of the American Daffodil Society. The National Show will be at Ironstone Vineyards where the gardens boast 300,000 daffodils. Click on a photo to enlarge it.

Naturalized daffodils edge the vineyards.

Tubs of daffodils greet you at the entrance to the show.

Hundreds of flowers will be on display indoors, including the world's largest assemblage of miniature daffodils and a collection of green-hued daffodils. The National Show is open to the public March 12-14: Friday 1-5, Saturday 9-5, and Sunday 9-3. Click here for directions to Ironstone Vineyards in Murphys.

The Daffodil Blogorama tour of the world begins now, starting in California and moving East around the globe. Click on the name of the blog to see a daffodil story:

* Saxon Holt, the eminent landscape photographer, gives tips on taking pictures of daffodils at Gardening Gone Wild.

* The California farmers at Curbstone Valley blog about 'Dutch Master'.

* Pomona Belvedere posts at Tulips in the Woods on 'Rijnveld's Early Sensation'.

* I post at Daffodil Planter on 'Passionale' and the garden writer Henry Mitchell.

* Mississippi blogger Gail at Yardflower has a daffodil bouquet for fans of the garden writer Elizabeth Lawrence.

* Winner of Blotanical's Garden Blog of the Year for two years running, Frances from Tennessee posts at Fairegarden about mid-season daffodils.

* The Canadian sister act: Helen and Sarah blog at Toronto Gardens about 'Ice Follies'.

* Jan of Northern Virginia at Thanks For 2 Day brings Wordsworth to the daffodil party.

* Maryland flower photographer Patty Hankins at Beautiful Flower Pictures posts a group of daffodil photos.

* Janet is The Queen of Seaford in Seaford, Virginia. She posts about a miniature daffodil.

* Naomi Sachs in New York writes about the American Cancer Society's Daffodil Days program on her Therapeutic Landscapes Network Blog.

* Moosey is in a category all her own. A pioneer in garden blogging, she was sharing online stories from Moosey's Country Garden in New Zealand before the word blog was invented. She posts about the ultimate challenge with daffodils--deciding which varieties to buy.

Thanks to all the bloggers for sharing their work!

Can't get enough?

First Daffodils 2010 is a blog where people from all over the world send photos of the first sightings of daffodils in their towns. Order a daffodil note cube there too.

If you can't attend the National Show this year, check out the American Daffodil Society website for answers to all your daffodil questions. Join the American Daffodil Society and a daffodil society near you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi DP, thanks for putting this together. The teaser shots of the big show are mouth watering. Seeing so many daffs at one go, just the barrels are enough to send one into ecstatic fits of reverie, would be the best ever. Good luck with the program, we will be there in spirit if not in body. Thanks for the linkage. :-)

Karyl said...

Who knew that there were so many different daffodils. Made me smile - thanks!

Jan said...

Hi Charlotte, I look forward to looking at the other posts, and following your coverage of the show. Thanks for including us and letting us know about this and including my link;-)

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

I see the whiskey barrels in your photos, cross my fingers and hold out hope. I filled all of my barrels with Daffodils last autumn. It's a little too early for green shoots around here but I'm very curious to see if they survived this weird winter.

Unknown said...

Love your pics from Ironstone! That place is near and dear to my heart since I got married there- and the daffodils are the whole reason that I picked the place!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Thanks so much for the link! I can't wait to browse all these daffodil posts.

"Daffodil Planter" Charlotte Germane said...

Frances, I wish you could just click your heels together and be here at the show! Thank you for sharing your mid-season daffodil post on the Blogorama!

Karyl, Yes, so many pretty daffodils. We all need about 20 acres.

Jan, Thank you for your poetic contribution to the Blogorama.

"Daffodil Planter" Charlotte Germane said...

Kate, I bet your daffodils will be fine. Sun, water and drainage--should do the trick.

Carri, I was hoping this would bring back happy memories for you!

Welcome Curbstone Valley! Your 'Dutch Master' post is wonderful and I am pleased to have it in the Blogorama.

Gail ( said...

Good Morning DP,
I'm enjoying the Daffodil posts. They are all great but I'm especially fond of the first daffodils site.
It seems like just yesterday that I was fixating on daf buds and thinking they would never open.
I estimate that here in MS zone 7b, we are already into our mid-season varieties. We're about to have several days in a row with weather in the 70's. That should speed things up.
Thanks for putting this together and for including me.

Stephanie from said...

How lovely that so many gardeners love the daffodil. I photographed my neighbours collection a week or so ago and posted that up, as I don't have any of my own. I certainly enjoy them from afar...well, not that far as the lots are small and close together here in the city!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I love Daffodils, so much more than Tulips. I'm hoping to get some good shots of the mass plantings of them in meadows at the Morton Arboretum in April. In the meantime, I'll meander through these posts.

Anonymous said...

What fun to see the daffodils blooming from around the world!

Helen said...

DP, Thanks for putting together this little confluence of spring (or spring thinking... in the case of Moosey's garden). I've now had a fix of daffs from many directions. Hoping that my sister will make a trek out to her country place this spring, too, to bring us back an armload of sunshine.

Jean Campbell said...

My favorite time of year! Daffodils blooming, with more to come. I noticed today that Pink Charm is starting to open in a more protected spot. Lots of other cultivars will soon join those already blooming here.

Indigo said...

Dear DP-world, Thanks so much for the comments of appreciation for my photo blog, First Daffodils 2010. I've just created a Facebook page called "First Daffodils" to make it easy for anyone to add their "first daffodil" photo of the season, hopefully with a geographical notation and I welcome everyone. Here in the Boston area, I look longingly at the Ironstone Vineyards photos DP has posted in the Daffodil Blogorama 2010 post, as I try to stay out of the way of our weekend nor'easter, not daffodil time yet here in the northeast. I am putting a link to the Facebook page "First Daffodils" with my name. Looking forward next to reading the stories referenced in DP's Daffodil Blogorama, oh joy!

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

love it.. great post. i regret not planting more of these little gems last year.

Gotta Garden said...

I wanted to say hello...I'm a big daffodil fan! They're just getting going here in my VA garden. While I belong to a local society (WDS), I haven't joined the national one...don't know why, perhaps I should as the convention looks wonderful! I hope you'll post more pictures.

I was so sad to read in the post below about Katie of GardenPunk. I hope she is doing better.

Take care now...

"Daffodil Planter" Charlotte Germane said...

Gail, We are having a warm spell and daffodil season is speedy too quickly to its conclusion. Thank you for joining in the Blogorama with your marvelous post!

Welcome Garden Therapy! Added your great blog to the Canadian blogroll here. Nice of your neighbors to share their daffodils. I'll go see what you did with the photos.

GloriaBonde said...

Love the daffodils! We have yet to have one open! But I am watching