Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving camellias

Camellia sasanqua Photo: Kenpei

White and red varieties of Camellia sasanqua are flinging themselves around Nevada County gardens right now. The small flowers on bending branches are the first course in the camellia feast we'll enjoy all winter.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving table full of food and flowers!

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do my incense-cedars work for Goldman Sachs?

Calocedrus decurrens (California incense-cedar) Photo: Walter Siegmund/Wikimedia

The vigorous determination. The fervent desire to tower over and control all within reach. As far as I know my incense-cedars didn't get any TARP money, but when it comes to the quest for world domination they're in the same league with Goldman Sachs.

Sure, the cedars always drop some tiny cones, but this year they're inundating the garden. The carpet of cones is so thick the ground is invisible. The dog can't step outside without getting cones wedged in her paws.

Rake them up? Tried that. They came back.

Cones cover the area formerly known as The Lawn, as if we went in for xeriscaping with colored rock. That's a look.

To be fair, the cedars are more generous than Goldman Sachs. They didn't muscle ahead of me in line for a Swine Flu shot.

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