Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter Garden: Kathleen Alcalá, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Award-winning author Kathleen Alcalá lives on Bainbridge Island. The current conditions have given her a White Garden effect that outdoes Vita Sackville-West's at Sissinghurst.  What is it with authors and white gardens?

Bainbridge Island is due west of Seattle, a 30 minute ferry ride across Puget Sound. Kathleen's garden has unusual but lovely amounts of snow for this Zone 8 area. We'll look at it again in the spring, I hope.

Pearl is not a winter-sports enthusiast. Kathleen says Pearl is concentrating all her energy on trying to make the snow go away.


Work hunter said...

Nice, winter photos, i live in Brazil so i can't see snow over here :(, but this photos makes me feel better, thx for the post, sucess

DaffodilPlanter: Gardening with a Sense of Humor said...

Welcome Work hunter! A very snowy winter in the U.S. indeed!

Frances said...

I'm with Pearl, go away snow so we can see the lovely garden! I see we are the same zone although our climates are different, very little snow here, but yes to summer droughts! And Henry Mitchell was brilliant! :-)


DaffodilPlanter: Gardening with a Sense of Humor said...

Welcome Frances! Kathleen, your public is clamoring for a Spring Garden Tour--how about it? We won't tell Pearl that Henry Mitchell was a hound man, not a cat man.